Pia GrimbĂĽhler




The Italian way of life "La Dolce Vita" had a significant influence on the career of the food photographer and filmmaker Pia GrimbĂĽhler. After graduation in photography at the Zurich School of Design, she worked in Tuscany for five years. Inspired by the Italian flair and the food culture, her photographic work increasingly developed in the direction of food and stories about food. After returning to Switzerland, she completed her studies in media economics and media management at the School of Design in Bern and Biel, and opened her own photo studio in Zurich. In addition to studio photography, she realizes many assignments on the road on reports for food producers, renowned chefs, restaurants or hotels. Her work for well-known brands can be found in advertising campaigns, food magazines and books. In addition to her photographic work, she likes to support sustainable projects.

Way of working

Pia's way of working thrives on her love of experimentation and innovation, her love for food and her devotion to detail and the curious. In this way, she effortlessly succeeds in combining luxury worlds and technology, rich in contrast and yet coherently, with topics such as food or the original and natural surroundings of a farm.


Chalet N, Studio Rosie, Migrolino, Migros, Unilever Food Solutions, Bijoux Catering, Butcher Thoma, Rapelli SA, Marmite, Bardutt´s Palace Hotel, Gübelin, Graff, Cartier, Johanna Altherr Design, Rita Zurbrügg etc.


Migusto, Food Magazine, Marmite etc.